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Trust and Karma

Our guide in Jaipur suggested we go to sunrise laughing yoga. The only other time I’d done laughing Yoga was I was laughing at myself.

After Yoga we bought flowers for Krishna before going to the temple. I was concerned my Chanel flats would be stolen from outside the temple, but within a short while I threw caution to the wind, and even handed over my cashmere sweater to a stranger, when a woman took my hand and dragged me onto the dance floor. I who dance like Elaine was jumping around in what I assume ecstasy must feel like, surrounded by Indians chanting, clapping. singing and videotaping me.

After Yoga and Temple we went to a local family’s home for breakfast. We got more dots on our foreheads and flower necklaces before sitting down for a home cooked meal.

Our guide took us to his friend a jeweler (and possibly a crook) as the guide in Varanasi had told me about the importance of my carrying Ganesh, Lakshmi and Saraswati together at all times. The Jaipur jeweler name dropped a lot of wealthy New Yorkers and said he’d send the three gods to my hotel.

Afterwards, Steve and I had a session with an Indian astrologer who didn’t speak any English but for $160 we each got red string good luck bracelets. I was advised to throw water to the sun every morning and Steve was told he’s prone to accidents.

The jeweler couldn’t find Saraswati but had a messenger deliver two Ganesh’s and a Lakshmi to us at the astrologer instead. The next day in Udaipur our guide informed me what I had been told was Lakshmi was actually Shivah.