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Tale #108


It was a Chilly Wednesday in April when…

I met Mr. and Mrs. X after the offer they had made with their former broker was too low and another buyer had snagged the apartment of their dreams. As I carefully listened to them mourn the loss of this particular Park Avenue 7 I tried to explain that “rejection is God’s protection” and although they didn’t happen to be view sensitive in my “view” looking into hospital rooms is not a smart real estate investment. Death is unavoidable however you needn’t be reminded of it every time you look out your window.

A few days later a beautifully renovated prewar 7 with lovely garden views popped on the market with their name on it. I immediately sent them the description and Mrs. X asked if she could see it the first day it was being shown. The listing broker recognized Mrs. X as she had also been the broker on the hospital facing apartment for which the X family was still sitting shivah. I was hoping she would feel remorse about their recent loss and help me position them ahead of the crowd that was gathered with their brokers in the lobby waiting for a viewing. I returned to the building later that afternoon to show it to Mr. X, their two adorable kids, and Mrs. X’s opinionated parents.

After we spent 45 minutes in the apartment, I said goodbye and decided to walk down Park Avenue rather than Madison so they could continue discussing the apartment without my being in their way. I heard someone call my name so I looked up from my iPhone to see a hand waving from a large black SUV. I had no idea who it was until she mentioned she was on her way to the 93rd street Corner Bookstore where her cousin (who happens to be my favorite author, Dani Shapiro) was doing a book signing which was coincidental since I had almost changed my theater tickets for that night so I could be there too. I started thinking about the odds of the same broker having both listings and of my friend who lives in Cambridge and Tel Aviv spotting me on the street since the synchronicity in my life always makes me smile.

Mr. and Mrs. X decided it was too soon to fall in love again particularly for an apartment that was an Uber ride away from their daughter’s preschool. I was still flying high from both coincidences that evening when I went to see “Come From Away” for the second time. As I settled into my seat and quietly unwrapped my Sees Vanilla lollipop I began talking to the distinguished man in the seat next to me who was up from Palm Beach visiting his daughter who he mentioned was going to be selling her 7 room apartment on 70th and Park. The good news is I wrote my name and contact info on his Playbill, he gave me his daughter’s name and number and in the quiet of the darkened theater, I sensed I had just found the X’s their new home. Turns out Dani Shapiro has another reading in Darien next week so I won’t have to miss hearing her after all!

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