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Tale #105


It was a wet and windy Wednesday in January when…

Mrs. X called to say she wanted to see apartments before she left for New Zealand the following day so although I had planned to pack after Pilates I agreed to take her out as I knew if I showed her a sunny three bedroom in move-in condition she’d buy it. She had homes and horses in Laguna, Dallas, Montecito, Aspen and Florence so she didn’t have time to waste apartment shopping when she was in Manhattan and I knew she preferred Gucci to Park Avenue and Bergdorf’s to Central Park West but her husband was counting on her to quickly find their New York pied-a-terre and she was the good wife.

I was exhausted after our marathon afternoon of apartment shopping so I dropped Mrs. X at her hotel and on my way home stopped at Levain for a slice of artichoke pizza and a cookie knowing I needed to eat before I could focus on packing. As I gobbled down dinner I emailed theater savvy friends for suggestions about what I should see and at the top of everyone’s list was Harry Potter so I made it my mission to get house seats for what I quickly learned was a sold-out show. It was London’s version of Hamilton but just as I had been confident that I’d find Mrs. X the perfect sunny three bedrooms I knew somehow magically I’d be seeing Harry Potter.

When I woke up Thursday morning I decided my packing conundrum was because I didn’t own the right size suitcase so I zoomed to Bloomingdale’s where I lucked out and found the ideal size on sale and since I used points it was practically free. I was thrilled I could pack for rain, snow, and sun and still have enough room to take advantage of the strong dollar. Mrs. X called while I was packing to say Mr. X approved of her pied-a-terre pick so I called the listing broker with our offer and she was optimistic we’d make the deal since our timing was good and her seller was relocating. While she tried to reach him I focused on my other search at hand, two well-located mint condition seats in London’s West End.

London was freezing cold and our room at the Savoy wasn’t ready but they upgraded us to a luxurious suite with a magical view of the London Eye. Thomas at the Harry Potter box office roared with laughter when I asked for my house seats as he explained that the show was sold out until late 2018 but if I wanted to queue up at 7:00 AM I might get lucky and get a seat. I knew that I could see another show, and as often is the case when I let go, as soon as we got back to the hotel there was an email from a friend with confirmation that I had tickets. While I hadn’t ever read Harry Potter and didn’t care for the films, I did enjoy the show. The good news is that while lined up for the loo during intermission, I had a premonition to check my phone and was delighted to see that Mr. and Mrs. X got the apartment. Fortunately, the line moved quickly and there was still time for me to get an ice cream and peanut M&M’s before returning to Hogwarts.

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