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Tale #104


It was a dreary Wednesday in December when…

…I retrieved a voicemail that in my holiday gift-buying-mania I had somehow missed so I immediately called Ms. X and made a date to show her a recently renovated aggressively priced condo listing of mine the following afternoon. I then had to persuade Mrs. Y, the seller, who’d been complaining that we hadn’t gotten an offer, that it would be helpful if we were properly priced and if she’d permit me to show the apartment when people wanted to see it, although I did understand that she had her bridge game Thursday afternoons, physical therapy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, her housekeeper on Tuesdays and she wasn’t able to eat breakfast, read the papers and get out of her apartment any morning before 11:00AM.

Fortunately, Mrs. Y had to attend a funeral in Tenafly so she said I could show Ms. X the apartment that day without my usual need to negotiate the importance of accommodating appointment requests. I smiled when I opened the door to greet Ms. X who was an extremely stylish and attractive woman and Mr. X who looked familiar but I decided not to ask how I knew him just in case it was because he was a famous actor, writer or financier. I’d learned my lesson when at a party years ago I naively introduced myself to JFK Jr who was very gracious when I was clueless as to who he was and why I knew I knew him.

Mr. X and Ms. X came back the following day with their designer and ultimately decided that the apartment was too small for them but I knew they were serious buyers and since they were so appreciative of my time, I decided I could finish my holiday shopping online and thus devote more time to finding them the perfect pied-a-terre before they left to spend Christmas at their Villa in Tuscany. They quickly fell in love with a 3 bedroom condo I showed them the day the seller happened to make a significant price reduction. The apartment was around the corner from their overpriced Fifth Avenue rental that they’d been trying to move from for years and since the stars were aligned and we were in the right place at the right time before Mercury went retrograde, the deal got done in record time.

I’m thrilled to report that Mrs. Y has decided to spend the winter in Palm Beach with her widowed friend thus allowing me easy access and a buyer who loved the apartment the first day it was on the market is flying back from São Paulo to see it again in the New Year. The good news is all my online gift-shopping arrived in time for the holidays and I figured out how I know Mr. X when I bumped into him at Mimi the manicurist.

only on Wednesdays, only with Wendy