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Blog Post – April 3, 2018

April 3, 2018

When I was growing up I binged when I ate the entire box of chocolate nonpareils my dramatics teacher, Mrs. Ludlow, gave all of her students for Christmas.  I don’t think I told my mother about the candy that I can still remember came in a green and white print cardboard box.  My mother would have made me share the chocolates and would have limited how much I could eat at one time.  I no longer binge on nonpareils but I am still a binger.

I now binge on T.V. shows.  My recent show of choice was “ This Is Us” which I came to a season late after so many people told me they loved it.  I fell hard for all of the characters and after watching an episode would convince Steve that it wasn’t too late for us to stay up and watch one more.  A pint of Haagen-Dazs Java Chip ice cream topped with a few squirts of Reddi-wip was extremely soothing as I filled up on Jack, Mandy, Randall, Kate and Kevin’s pain.  The night their house burned I mixed skinny pop and peanut m and m’s into my Java Chip.I’m not sure if what would feel like a hangover the following morning was from staying up so late or from eating too much sugar and ingesting the family’s pain.  And just like when I’m almost done eating an amazing ice cream cone and instead of enjoying the last licks I worry about it being finished, by episode 11 I was worrying about what I was going to become addicted to when I finished Season 2.

I think television binge watching is more socially acceptable than secretly eating a box of chocolate.  Whenever I confess that I spent the weekend binging on a show the person I’m sharing this with will either ask if its really that good or will say they already saw it and they know.  I call it binge bonding.

Yours till the ice cream melts,

Wendy J. Sarasohn