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Blog Post – April 2, 2018

April 2, 2018

My First Blog Entry…

I have to confess that I didn’t even know what “blog” meant until a month or so ago when in one day three people suggested I start blogging so I figured it was the universe guiding me.  Billie who joined my team in February had just given me my first Instagram lesson but the next day when I witnessed an amazing Instagram moment I sadly realized I couldn’t remember what to do to capture it.  I attempted to video my friend Carole who I was taking to see apartments stop to talk to the man who sits in the wheelchair and asks for spare change outside Viand coffee shop on Madison and 61st Street. He handed her a piece of paper which turned out to be a lottery ticket and I had a fantasy that Carole was going to win the $271 million dollar prize and deliver it to him the next day but I couldn’t figure out how to video them as the camera on my iPhone was taking me trying to take them.   I’m sure I’m being punished for being intolerant of my mother who would watch me emailing on my blackberry and say “ I wish I could do that”.

I am a non-millennial finding my way in a world where people pay bills on their computer, Venmo money to one another, tweet, twitter and text and shop whenever they feel like it without ever venturing into a store.  My grandmother was reluctant to get into an airplane which was a new invention in her day so she traveled by boat and train. Since I want to cram a lot of living into my life and check everything off my bucket list I am no longer going to use my age as an excuse not to participate in the world of social media.

Now that I’ve lost my blogging virginity,  I’m looking forward to actively sharing my intimate escapades with you in my online diary which I’ve decided to name “Wendy’s Wonderful World”.   And in this age of transparency, you won’t need the tiny gold key that was attached to my first diary which I began to write in when I was ten back in the pre-computer days. I’d hide my little pink faux leather diary so my mother, sister and Rose our housekeeper wouldn’t be tempted to peek into my very private PG-rated world.