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We left New York Monday evening and arrived in Delhi Tuesday night. I couldn’t figure out the time difference and found remembering what meal I was on to be confusing. I decided to go with the flow.

Visiting where Gandhi slept and walked before he was assassinated was powerful. I spent time in front of a framed collage of all his worldly possessions. I who stockpile when I find something I love know inner contentment doesn’t come from the acquisition of material things, at the same time, Gandhi and this trip to India doesn’t mean I’m sending my things to The Real Real nor do I intend to stay out of Bergdorfs.

The pivotal moment in Delhi came at 5:30 when Steve and I were rushing to get to our massages on time. We are New Yorkers and wanted our full hour. Steve tripped on a wire and at the moment he lay sprawled on the hotel floor I knew the true meaning of slowing down.

Thoughts of permanent damage, surgery in a foreign Indian hospital, having to be medevac’d back to New York raced through my mind as I outwardly remained calm and ever the capable problem solver. India a country of thousands of years would still be there. I knew Steve and I were being given a powerful message from the universe. Be here now.